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Stair Tread & Shelf Gauge


Woodpeckers Stair Tread & Shelf Gauge
instantly creates a template for any captured panel, compensating for angle error on the ends and giving you perfect length without measuring. Things can turn ugly when a woodworker has to turn into a remodeler. Woodworkers love square. We strive for it, we obsess over it, and for the most part, we achieve it. Many builders, on the other hand, treat it like horseshoes…you still get points if you get close. So, when woodworkers have to put shelves in an existing space, they’re going to naturally assume the structure is square. When you find out it's not…don't lose your cool, just turn to Woodpeckers Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge.

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Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge in Systainer Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge in Systainer SKU: STSG-SYS-24

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Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge SKU: STSG-24

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Create a Perfect Template to Match Out-of-Square Walls

The Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge starts with the two adjustable bevel ends. They swing in or out to match the angle of the adjacent wall. The versatility of this new tool comes from how the ends join the beam. By using our familiar Dual-Purpose Track and our proven track connectors, you can add beam sections as needed. You can use the same tool to make templates for shelves up to 64" or as short as 17".

One end has a sliding connector (you can put it on whichever end you prefer). This lets you adjust the length of the gauge right into the opening for the shelf or stair tread. Slide the beam out until both ends are against the walls, adjust the two ends to match the wall angle, lock it up and you have your perfect instant template.

This tool really shines on the next step…transferring the template to your stock. While other commercial jigs and all the homemade designs expect you to align the jig to the edge of your stock by feel, our Stair Tread & Shelf Gauge has two stops that flip over to give you a perfect reference for the edge. Now, simply mark your ends and make your cuts. The shelf, tread or riser will drop right in perfectly.

The adjustable bevels at the ends of the Stair Tread & Shelf Gauge are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum on our CNC milling centers. Then clear anodized for protection and to reduce friction. The extruded beam sections are also anodized, but in our familiar “Woodpeckers Red” color.

The Stair Tread & Shelf Gauge comes complete with (4) 12" sections of beam, (1) 6" section of beam, two adjustable bevel ends, two edge flip-stops and all the necessary connecting bars and knobs. 

Woodpeckers Stair Tread & Shelf Gauge is now part of our permanent lineup. Like all our products, each gauge is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory.


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