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Iron-Grip Small Parts Holder


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Woodpeckers Iron-Grip Small Parts Holder enhances your safety and improves accuracy when routing small workpieces on your router table. The idea has been around for quite some time, but the build quality of most versions on the market leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of plastic jaws and a too-small vise screw, we engineered in substantial aircraft grade aluminum jaws and a heavy-duty Acme-threaded steel vise screw that holds your work in…well…an Iron-Grip. We also added in a fence guide similar to our Coping Sled so the Iron-Grip isn't limited to bearing-guided router bits; you can use it to cut rabbets, dadoes, grooves, tenons and half-lap joints on small parts easily, accurately and safely. And, we redefined "small parts" extending the clamping capacity to 10-1/2".

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Extended Capacity Fence Guide for Iron Grip Small Parts Holder - 1.5"-3" capacity Extended Capacity Fence Guide for Iron Grip Small Parts Holder - 1.5"-3" capacity SKU: IGSPH-EX

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Works with All Router Tables and All Router Bits

When you're using a bearing-guided router bit, Iron-Grip moves your hands out of the way and effectively makes your workpiece "bigger" by clamping it in the same plane as the 3 aluminum clamp blocks. Depending on the profile of your router bit, parts as small as 3/4" x 3/4" can be gripped securely and routed safely. 

We built in another time-saving and accuracy-improving feature. Install the threaded stop pins in a set of holes in the jaws. Now the extension of your workpiece beyond the jaws is set and repeatable, no matter how many pieces you have to rout! There are 5 sets of threaded holes in the jaws for the stop pins, ranging from 1/2" from the edge to 3-3/4" from the edge. When you don't need the stop pins, they store conveniently on the outside of the jaws. 

Since bearing-guided router bits aren't the only toys in the box, we added a fence guide to the Iron-Grip. No matter how narrow your workpiece, you can rout it safely across any straight bit. Just align your stock and the fence guide to the fence. The fence guide slides along the fence, carrying your narrow workpiece perfectly through the cut.  Most of us have learned the trick of backing up our workpiece with scrap stock to prevent backside tear-out and Iron-Grip's secure clamping and positive alignment makes that a snap.

The standard fence guide that comes with Iron-Grip will handle depth of cut to 1-1/2". If you want to cut half-laps and tenons over 1-1/2", the Extended Fence Guide will take you out to a full 3". 

Like all Woodpeckers tools, the Iron-Grip Small Parts Holder is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland).

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