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Engle Angle


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Woodpeckers Engle Angles introduce modern materials and manufacturing techniques to a classic trim carpentry tool. In 1903 one of Stanley Tool Works most prolific engineers patented the #30 Angle Divider. By fitting the connected legs into an existing corner, the tool bisects the angle automatically. This is particularly important when mitering trim for existing structures. Corners that should be 90° usually aren't. If the corner is 88° instead of 90°, the Engle Angle bisects the angle and you'll get 44° instead of 45°. Similarly, if you have to trim around walls with hexagon or octagon corners you can get perfect bisections of those angles just as easily, whether the existing structure is "spot on" or "kinda close". 

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ENGLE ANGLE - 6" - 2023 ENGLE ANGLE - 6" - 2023 SKU: EA6-23

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Headline: Align Your Miter Saw to Engle Angle Two Different Ways

Back in 1903 the proud owner of a #30 would match his angle, mark his material and cut to the line with a sharp hand saw. That will certainly work with an Engle Angle, but we're well aware that the vast majority of folks today are using power miter saws instead of hand saws. If you have a miter saw with a laser, mark your material then use the laser to line up to your mark…almost like they did it in 1903. 

But not all saws have a laser, so we boosted the thickness of the upper section of the handle and replaced the rivet found on the Stanley with a threaded knob. With one leg unlinked and folded out of the way, you have a longer, taller reference area next to your saw blade. No scales to read, no judgements about where degree fractions should land, just a solid reference to a perfectly bisected angle. 

Similar to our other re-designs of early Stanley classics, Engle Angles honor the original design but go further with tightened up tolerances and modern materials. The body is machined from aircraft grade aluminum on CNC mills, then anodized in our familiar “Woodpeckers Red” finish. The marking legs and knobs are all stainless steel. Nylon washers protect the sliding joints. It's a tool that will look as good as it works for generations to come. While the Engle Angle 6" can bisect any inside angle from 30° to 180° and any outside angle from 180° to 85°, Engle Angle MINI can do the same for any inside angle from 30⁰ to 180⁰ and any outside angle from 180⁰ to 110⁰. A padded storage hanger is included to keep your Engle Angle right in plain sight and always ready to go to work. 

Like all Woodpeckers products, Engle Angle is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility just south of Cleveland.

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