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Dado Nut for SawStop Table Saws


If you’ve tried to put a full 3/4" dado stack on your SawStop Table Saw, you know the problem; there's simply not enough shaft to install both the arbor washer and the arbor nut. To get the best cutting performance, the washer is pretty much a necessity. Leaving it off can distort the blade and compromise cut quality. The engineers at Woodpeckers have developed a clever solution; a combination arbor nut and washer that doesn’t take up any more room than the original nut by itself. We call it the Dado Nut.

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Dado Nut for SawStop Table Saws Dado Nut for SawStop Table Saws SKU: DADONUT-SS

Fits SawStop models built after 2014. If you have a SawStop built in or before 2014 we recommend #DADONUT-ICS10.

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Dado Nut For SawStop models built before 2014 Dado Nut For SawStop models built before 2014 SKU: DADONUT-ICS10

Fits most SawStop models built before 2014.

Sold Out! Reserve Yours Today! Expected to Ship August 11, 2024.

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Full Thread Engagement with a 3/4" Stacked Dado

Dado Nut merges the arbor washer and arbor nut into one integrated unit. The threads extend almost completely through the arbor washer and the nut is conveniently retained within the washer. Now you have the stability of a carefully machined arbor washer AND full thread engagement of the arbor nut when using a full dado stack. 

Woodpeckers president, Rich Hummel originally developed the Dado Nut for his personal use. He just couldn't buy into the idea of putting the arbor nut directly against the dado blade. After showing it around to the other woodworkers in the company, he soon discovered his apprehension was shared by everyone and decided to turn it into a product. 

Dado Nut doesn't require anything new or different for installation. It uses the standard SawStop arbor wrenches. Just use it in place of the factory arbor washer and arbor nut. Dado Nuts are turned on our state-of-the-art CNC Swiss lathes and held to strict tolerance for flatness and thread accuracy. We make them from a special heat-treated steel that holds up to repeated installation and removal. And, since the washer and nut are secured to each other, blade changes go smoother and faster than ever. When you take the dado blade off and put your normal saw blade back on, you'll probably decide to use your Dado Nut for that, too…it's just that good. Dado Nut is threaded with 5/8"-12 tpi right-hand Acme threads. This will fit some other saws in addition to SawStop. It will not fit any saw with left-hand threads, which would include most saws where the blade tilts to the right, rather than the left. Some SawStop ICS (Industrial) models built before 2014 have a slightly different thread. If you have an ICS from before 2014, order DADONUT-ICS10 instead of DADONUT-SS.

Like all Woodpeckers products, Dado Nut is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility just south of Cleveland.

The SawStop brand name is the registered trademark of the respective company and is not associated with Woodpeckers, LLC.

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