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Align-A-Saw System


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Woodpeckers Align-A-Saw System knocks down the roadblocks that stand between you and a dialed-in table saw. Even the best saw blades are only held to a flatness tolerance of around ±.005", the teeth get in the way when you’re trying to measure and the distance between front and rear measurements is just too short. The massive 3/8" thick, solid steel Align-A-Saw Plate is surface ground to a flatness tolerance of .002" and extends the distance from front to rear to a generous 12"…about 50% more available front-to-back distance and no teeth to work around. The stainless steel Align-A-Saw Gauge is a square engineered specifically for setting up your table saw. Its thin profile helps you see even tiny misalignments, steps over the table insert area so there’s no interference and is held square to the blade by a stand that fits in the miter gauge slot. The Plate and Gauge together give you an ideal reference to set square and 45°. Pair the Align-A-Saw Plate with Woodpeckers Saw Gauge and you’ll have the perfect set-up for aligning your saw arbor and table. 

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Get Better Results on Your Table Saw When It’s Aligned with Align-A-Saw

When you need to check the alignment of your miter slot to the saw arbor, just remove your saw blade and replace it with the Align-A-Saw Plate. Now you have a precision-ground flat surface spanning 12". Measure from the miter slot to the plate at the front and rear and adjust as needed. 

We looked at everything that could interfere with setting a perfect 90° and 45° angle on your table saw and used that knowledge to develop the Align-A-Saw Gauge.  We made it thin so it’s easy to see any gap between the Gauge and the Plate (or your saw blade). We cut away the edge where it would normally be over the table insert. This makes sure an insert that is slightly high won’t throw off your angle adjustment. And, we added a base that fits in the miter gauge slot to keep the Gauge perpendicular to the blade, insuring your 45° settings are dead on. 

While the Align-A-Saw Gauge and Plate are made to go together, they work independently, too. If you don’t want to take the time to swap your saw blade, the thin body of the Gauge fits easily between teeth for accurate angle setting. Likewise, if you’re mainly focused on table alignment, the Plate is your tool of choice. That’s why we offer each of them individually in addition to the complete package. But, with the complete package you’ll also get a wall-mountable storage rack so your Align-A-Saw System is always in plain sight and ready for work. 

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Align-A-Saw System is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility, just south of Cleveland. 

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