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Ultra-Shear Ultimate Stack Dado



Ultra-Shear’s innovative new, American-made stacked dado set embraces the best features of previous, tried-and-true designs, then kicks it up a notch with a novel approach to the heart of the dado…the chippers. Instead of the typical 2- or 4-tooth chippers, our new dado features a set of precisely ground 12-tooth chippers with a 5° positive hook angle, giving you the smoothest, flattest saw-cut dado possible. Not only does the positive hook of the chippers cut smoothly, it also counter-acts the negative hook of the outside blades, reducing feed resistance. The 24-tooth 5° negative hook outside blades cut crisp, flawless shoulders in all materials, even today's super-thin face veneer plywood. The combination delivers the perfect balance of precision cutting and work efficiency. That's why we're calling this the Ultimate Stacked Dado Set.

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Ultra-Shear Ultimate 8" Stack Dado Ultra-Shear Ultimate 8" Stack Dado SKU: USDADO8

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American Made Saw Blades Sold Directly to the Woodworker

The first thing you'll notice when you start your saw with this dado stack installed is how incredibly quiet it is. While 2- and 4-wing chippers beat the air, Ultra-Shear's 12-tooth chippers make less noise and slice the material more cleanly. The unique mix of hook angles cuts like no other dado set you've tried before. The quality of cut on every surface instills confidence that your project is on the right track. 

What's more, we made the Ultimate Stacked Dado Set easier to assemble. We include a 1/4" chipper in place of two of the 1/8" chippers found in other premium dado sets. This gets you closer to your desired dimension with less stacking and alignment. And it's easier to stagger the 12-tooth chippers properly than it is with either 2- or 4-tooth designs. You get the 1/4" chipper, two 1/8" chippers and a 1/16" chipper. When you need a minor adjustment, our magnetic shims stay in place as you install your blades, unlike paper or plastic shims. 

After reading the glowing description of this American-made stacked dado set, you might expect to find a premium price at the end of the pitch, but you won't.  Ultra-Shear cuts out the middleman to deliver you unmatched performance at an unbeatable price.  The Ultimate Stacked Dado Set is built to specifications equal to or exceeding the top name brands on the market, but our direct-to-your-shop business model allows us to price the set very competitively.  

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Country of Manufacture United States
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