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Rout-N-Plane Bench Top Board Mill


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Woodpeckers Rout-N-Plane and Rout-N-Plane XL Bench Top Board Mills tackle two jobs your thickness planer can't…end-grain cutting boards and glued-up panels wider than your planer. Both work with stock from 3/4" to 3" thick. Original Rout-N-Plane will handle 15" wide material with most routers (routers with large bases will have slightly less capacity). The XL model takes that up to 24". Just fix your cutting board to a flat table, adjust the Rout-N-Plane height just above the board and set your router depth of cut to shave a little off the top. In minutes you'll have a flat board ready for finish sanding. 

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Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill - XL - 24" capacity Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill - XL - 24" capacity SKU: BTBM-XL

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Rout-N-Plane Bench Top Board Mill Rout-N-Plane Bench Top Board Mill SKU: BTBM

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Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill - XL Conversion Kit Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill - XL Conversion Kit SKU: BTBM-XL-CONV

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Slab Clamping Dogs (4-pack) Slab Clamping Dogs (4-pack) SKU: SLBFLT-CD4
Includes four steel Slab Clamping Dogs. Made in USA.

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From Laminate Trimmers to 3HP Monsters…Rout-N-Plane Works with Them All!

End grain cutting boards stand up to heavy work in the kitchen better than edge grain or face grain boards. But leveling an end grain board should never be done on a jointer or thickness planer. It's not only ineffective, it's potentially dangerous. Leveling them with a router sled isn't exactly a new idea, but Rout-N-Plane offers convenience and flexibility you can't get with shop-built sleds. Rout-N-Plane adjusts in seconds to safely guide any router across your board. It adjusts for board thicknesses from 3/4" to a full 3". Original Rout-N-Plane handles boards up to 15" wide (based on a 6" diameter base with a 1" diameter cutter). Rout-N-Plane XL bumps that up to 24", Length is only limited by how much table you have. Original Rout-N-Plane works on tables at least 22-1/2" wide. Rout-N-Plane XL needs at least 32". 

Adjusting the height of Rout-N-Plane couldn't be simpler. Just find the tab setting on the ends that puts the router support just above your board and spin in the locking knobs. The powder-coat finish slides easily across benchtop surfaces and provides a low-friction surface for your router base, too. A centering guide is provided to properly set the router edge guides. And a sacrificial fence is provided to keep Rout-N-Plane square to your project. 

While we focused on end grain cutting boards when we engineered Rout-N-Plane, it turns out they're only the beginning. Few of us have the space or budget for a massive planer or wide belt sander. Now you don't have to give up on projects like workbenches, river tables or natural edge slabs because of your 12" planer. Rout-N-Plane XL can create flat and parallel surfaces on panels up to 24" wide and any length you can support.  

Like all Woodpeckers products, Rout-N-Plane and Rout-N-Plane XL are precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland). 

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Country of Manufacture United States

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