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Multi-Router defined the three-axis joinery machine in the 1980s with its robust construction and true 3-axis control. Now we’re taking it to a new level with the addition of the new MT Templates, MT Stylus, Variable Stylus, and countless other valuable upgrades we’ve made throughout. For those of you who are already part of the Multi-Router family, most of the improvements are backwards compatible with your machine. 

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Multi-Router w/Dust Cabinet Multi-Router w/Dust Cabinet SKU: MR10010
(Router, Stand, Bits and Templates sold separately).
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Nothing on the planet matches the Multi-Router for speed, accuracy and control. This is a REAL machine that delivers complete repeatability and eliminates tedious trial-and-error set-ups. It’s the only joinery machine with machined tables in both the horizontal and vertical plane. Centerlines are engraved on both tables, making alignment of your work simple and fast. CNC machined aluminum templates create perfect mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, box joints, and circular tenons (and even more templates are on the way!) Securing your work couldn’t be easier or faster. There’s no need to build numerous wooden fixtures to hold your workpiece in place. Each of the heavy-duty clamps rotates a full 360 degrees and can be dropped into any one of 18 different locations. You can instantly secure your work in virtually any orientation. And now, most of the chips and nearly all the fine particle dust can be eliminated with the new, standard-equipment dust cabinet.

On the Multi-Router, every motion of the router and work piece is controlled by a series of twelve glass-smooth, tight-tolerance linear bearings gliding on precision ground and polished 3/4" steel shafts. All the controls are intuitive and conveniently located. The workpiece travels in the X and Y axes (in-out and side-to-side). The router travels in the Z axis (up and down). Every direction has travel limiting stops and can be independently locked. The Z axis includes a scale to dial in the precise vertical location. And, when you’re tired of working with everything perfectly straight and square, the horizontal table tilts up to 45° so you can tackle compound angle joinery. The Multi-Router is a serious, heavy-duty machine that will take your woodworking as far as you want it to go.

One feature our customers constantly rave about is the template system. The templates precisely guide the ball bearing stylus and feature perfectly square shoulders, not beveled edges, so there’s no need for trial-and-error test cuts every time you switch between mortise and tenons. By allowing the ball bearing stylus to follow a precise template, human error is virtually eliminated. Just keep the stylus on the template and make your cut. It’s that easy.

Creating a perfect mortise and tenon on the Multi-Router is now easier than ever with our new MT Templates, MT Stylus, and Variable Stylus. We improved on the previous design of tenon templates by adding a slot in the center of the template for quickly setting mortising stop collars. Now, not only do these templates allow you to create perfectly dimensioned tenons on the first try, they also combine with a feature in our new MT Stylus and Variable Stylus to allow you to setup stop collars for mortise operations in mere seconds. Another major improvement, you no longer need three separate A, B, or C tenon templates to adjust the size of your tenon. With the Variable Stylus, you just need a single MT Template, and adjustments can be made to the size of your tenon by simply swapping out the brass bushing to a different size to compensate for router bit runout.   

Another advantage is the cast and machined work table with multiple positions for the pivoting heavy-duty clamps. You can easily reach any spot on the table with the clamps. Two clamps are included and more are available if needed, along with pneumatic clamps for those more production-oriented woodworkers. Button stops provide precise alignment of your workpiece square to the vertical table or at standard angles of 22.5°, 30° and 45°. And, there’s a convenient, low-profile adjustable fence on the front edge to align your work perfectly parallel to the vertical table. Or, drop the fence below the table and use the vertical table itself as your depth stop…a real advantage for quick setups. 

The rock-solid engineering of the Multi-Router is backed up with top-flight manufacturing right here in the U.S.A.. The machine is comprised of six solid, CNC machined aluminum castings. Anything that slides does so on precision linear ball bearings gliding on a case hardened precision ground shafting. Anything you touch has been made to feel comfortable and inspire confidence. 

You can build your own stand for your Multi-Router (it makes a great starting project) or get the factory steel base and get right to work. The standard easy to read engraved scale can be replaced with the optional, American made digital read-out. You can add extra hold-down clamps or supplement them with optional pneumatic clamps. There are also numerous optional template sets you can add. In other words, you can customize your Multi-Router to fit your shop and your workflow.

If you’re ready to take traditional joinery techniques to a new level of precision, accuracy, and speed. Consider adding a Multi-Router to your woodshop. 

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States

Current routers that fit include:

  • Bosch 1617 & 1617EVS
  • Milwaukee 5615 & 5616
  • Porter Cable 890

All fixed base routers, none with dust collection.

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