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Mortising Jig


If you want to get in on loose tenon joinery
without spending thousands of dollars on a new power tool, we've got you covered. Woodpeckers new Mortising Jig uses your plunge router and a straight router bit to cut mortises from 1/8" to 1/2" thick and up to 3-1/2" wide. Imagine cutting a perfectly sized mortise in just a few seconds. Just set the fence and stops to the layout on your board and use the template to guide your router. It's that easy. 

Making the tenon stock to match is as easy as running some off-cuts through your planer and table saw.  But if you want to skip that and use ready-made tenons (like Festool Dominos) we have metric router bits for the Mortising Jig, perfectly sized to match Dominos. 

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Cutting mortises with your plunge router just got a whole lot easier…

Using the Mortising Jig couldn't be easier. The vertical table has track clamp slots milled both directions making it simple to clamp stop blocks and fences in place as well as clamping the material you're cutting. We've included one fence you can use vertically, horizontally or at any angle. If you do a lot of complicated layouts for things like chair components, you may find you need multiple stops. We offer an optional Hardware Pack with Mini Multi-Knobs, track nuts and two lengths of bolts to build your own stops and fences. 

The solid phenolic horizontal table features a tough, low-friction surface for your router to ride on. The two tables are held perpendicular to each other by a heavy-duty steel frame. You need just one template guide bushing (included) to cut any width mortise up to 1/2" The laser-engraved scales for the length of the mortise have both inch and metric graduations. 

We made it simple to clamp the Mortising Jig to any work surface. The notches in the flange align with 20mm holes on 96mm centers…like you'll find on the Festool MFT or Woodpeckers Track Clamp Tables. You can also use standard "F" clamps on the flanges to hold it to a regular workbench. Or, if you have a permanent home for it, there are holes for screws.  

While you can use any plunging router bit, Woodpeckers makes solid carbide spiral router bits in a wide range of fractional sizes as well as metric bits that match Festool Domino loose tenons. You can use ready-made Domino tenons or make larger tenons by milling the stock yourself and profiling the edges with Ultra-Shear Half-Round Bits. 

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Mortising Jig is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility (just south of Cleveland).

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